Thursday, January 25, 2007


My name is Jenny Stench. When I was 16, I started a small 'zine called "Stench Magazine". So I was called Ms. Stench and then it just turned into Jenny Stench. But where I came up with the idea for the name "Stench Magazine" comes from my dad. His name was Kevin Stench. He passed away when I was 5. I never really knew him. But I hear I'm a lot like him. He liked the same music as I do even.
Anyway, on with the story. I made purses for a little while and then bought a button maker when I was 19 or 20. I'm 25 now and I still make buttons, for friends' bands and companies. But I've grown into more things from there. I'm making hand-cast resin jewelry now. Along with rings, magnets, herbal remedies, aprons, and gift bags.
As if you couldn't tell, I like to make things. I've always been this way. I just can't stop. I probably should be working at a craft store.
I'm currently living in Los Angeles, Ca, but I'll be moving to Quincy, MA in about a month.

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