Thursday, January 31, 2008


On Monday I visited with my grandmother to talk family history. I scanned tons of pictures and documents.
I'm German, Swiss, and English. Maybe Polish.
These are all on my mom's side.

My Mother and her brother (Allan's):

My Father and I (Wallace's):

My Grandma (Sanford's):

My Grandma (Sanford) and Grandpa (Allan)

My Grandma's Sister and my mom:

My Great-Grandmother and my mom and uncle: 1902-1963

My Great-Great-Grandfather (Half German/Half Swiss): 1857-1924

His father (Swiss): 1825-1910

and his wife (German): 1828-1918

My Great-Great Grandfather's Siblings (And their wives):

Christian and his wife Helen:

Adam and his wife Carrie:

Frederick and his wife Effie(I'm not sure how these two managed to be so homely compared to the others...):

and two of their 5 children:

My Grandma's Dad and his siblings (Sanford's):

My Grandpa's Mom (Scovil's):

My Grandpa's Dad (Allan's):

My Grandpa's Sister:

Lloyd and Anna (I forgot how they're related):

Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Grandpa died yesterday, Jan 29, 2008 at 1pm.

Months ago, we were told he only had a month left. The last time I saw him he said goodbye and it was the worst thing in the world to hear my grandpa say "this is probably going to be the last time."

Friday we were told he had 24 hours. So I had been waiting for that call all weekend.

I'm sad that circumstances weren't different. That his wife wasn't so terrible. Hadn't driven a wedge between him and his family. As if she controlled every aspect of his life. She broke up his marriage. And then drove his kids away once again when he no longer knew what was going on anymore.

I bought three new dresses a few weeks ago.... knowing that not only were they cute black dresses, but that 1 of them would be the dress I'd wear to his funeral this month.

I reconciled with my grandmother on Monday. We spent all day together catching up and going over our family history. I'm Swiss, German and English.... but possibly Polish as well. I don't have the proof about the polish just a letter from a relative saying she "thinks" that someone was polish.

I missed an appt today because I'm so scatterbrained about all this. I got all the way there and realized I didn't know the address and had forgot my phone at home. Then had to sit in traffic for an hour to get back home, which should only take 15 minutes. All I could do was sit there, in my car, and cry, out of frustration.

I just don't know anymore.

I'm just so unhappy with life.

Sunday, January 27, 2008


I won $100 at Roulette. Yay!
Some guy asked me to go home with him in broken english.
I met my soulmate. (He just had the same birthday as me. Same day, same year!)
The weird guy that asked me to go home with him, also tried to steal my chips afterwards. Then tried to steal the asian lady's and then tried to steal Smitty's. Then he got asked to leave. AWWWWKWARD!



Some of you may know and some may not, that I went to Boston on the 13th of Jan. And you all know me too well, when I say I want to live there.
I get back and people ask, "How was your trip? You wanna live there now, don't you?" I know, I always say that. On tour I said it after leaving Seattle, and after leaving Sacramento, and Berkeley. This is not always just because I love the city or the stuff that happened there.... but because of the people. I'm sad to say that I don't feel at home here in LA.
When I got to Boston, I couldn't stop laughing.
Before I left I had a couple of downer moments with some friends. Someone upset me with accusations. And on top of that, I was coming to Boston to visit my father's grave for the very first time. Talk about difficult.
So now on to the topic at hand. Boston. It was starting to snow when I got there. They were salting the roads to prepare for the storm that would come while we slept. When we woke up and the storm was over and everything was white and pristine.

Liz, Erin, and I went into town that Monday. It was cold, but not as cold as it was the last few days before I left. We started off going to H&M as if I don't have those here, but hey, each store is different. Then we went to TJMax so Erin could yell at them. Jerry met up with us there. I saw the cemetery where Sam Adam's is buried. And a little white dog prancing DSC_0073
through the snow, DSC_0060
the ice rink, and then we went to Newbury. I bought a Darkbuster CD, and Neverending Story.

We went home and a few friends came over and I didn't get to sleep til about 4am.
The next day Liz, Jerry and I went for pizza at TJ Scallywaggle's. A VEGAN pizza and sub restaurant! We had a barballow (Buffalo, BBQ) chicken pizza and a Chikhin Parmesan Sub. Jerry and I got wicked acidita (pronounced ah-ji-da, Italian for heartburn or upset stomach). I'm pretty sure it was because of the Tabasco.
Liz had class, so Jerry and I went to wholefoods to buy the ingredients for my famous chocolate chip cookies... they're like crack. I got the recipe from

Then Jerry left for work and Liz, Erin, and I went to a bar. I met their friend Dave and Steve's girlfriend.... I can't remember her name 'cause I'm a jerk. I think it started with a "J". When we got home, Liz and I stayed up fairly late gossiping about stuff, that wouldn't YOU like to know. Ha...

Wednesday we made the adventure to the cemetery. Way out on Commonwealth.
My dad didn't have a headstone, so we brought him a pair of boots instead of flowers. My dad was sort of a big deal. haha...
How do you pose in front of a grave?

After that we walked to 20 Pratt St. The house where my dad died.... It's a college area. We knocked on the door to tell them my dad died in one of their rooms, you know, to fuck with college kids and ask if they'd seen any ghosts lately. haha...

Then we headed to TJ Scallywaggle's for more vegan pizza. I got a meatball sub
and a Maggie's Spinacoli pizza with Sauhsage to go so I'd have food the next day.
Yumm... Erin had Chiken Nuggets and garlic bread.

That night we, well, I baked cookies and we watched a movie, Georgia Rule... hahaha... so bad.

Thursday Liz and I met up with Erin after her class and we went shopping at Victoria's Secret and some other store. Erin and I bought matching Betsey Johnson pajamas for $17. Originally priced $70!

Oh and Liz took me to see Sea Lions and I told them that I'd come back and liberate them later. I don't know if you guys are aware of this, but animals sorta dig me. This Sea Lion was all about me.... he hung out at the glass for a few minutes checking us out.
And what did I say? Animals loooooove me.... This is Buttons... he's cute. DSC_0135

After that Liz and I went to her Film class and I pretended I was transferring there next semester. Ha...

After class we went to see Andrea Gillis perform.
DSC_0159The bar was in an old Hospital. When we left it was snowing.... and we had our fingers crossed that my flight would be delayed and I'd have to stay in Boston.


But instead of getting snowed in, my plane took off and I was off to Vegas.... But first I had to get to Albuquerque and get delayed there. Accept free vouchers to fly again and a hotel for the night. I really didn't want to leave Boston, so instead I was pissed that I was going to Vegas instead.


Monday, January 7, 2008


This year was great. Met good people. It's great celebrating the beginning of a new year with a new age. My birthday is the 7th of January and well, today is my birthday. It's the second year in a row where Sam and I celebrated it together with one big party at my house with all our friends. Last year we had Bad Reaction and Blue Collar Special play. It was hella windy, but still held it outside in the driveway and patio area with my garage door open. And the bands played in my room.

This year because of the rain, we set up inside. There was vegan mac & cheeeeze, made from the Veganomicon book, the best damned potato salad in the world that my mom makes. A red velvet cake that Jen made, chocolate chip cookies, brownies (not vegan-booo!), nacho cheese (real, well, as real as nacho cheese can be), chips, and beer.


Lots of people showed up. People I hadn't seen in awhile. People I didn't know. People I see every day. People from school. It was great.

The band that played this year was Old Man Markley.

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