Thursday, February 7, 2008


Pure Luck has some new items on the menu! Pesto Tofu Sandwich.... so yummy.... but beware... don't have close encounters with other people afterwards. My breath was terrible the rest of the day.

Today I had their BBQ Sandwich. Very yum as always.

This semester I'll probably gain lots of weight because I've gone there almost every day this week and then had ice cream at scoops.... shame on me.

I have heart burn... but I think that's because of the mac and cheeze... since I like it spicy. Oh! And I had a jalapeno earlier. :)


Sunday, February 3, 2008


I think most of you aren't aware that I make buttons for bands and such. This past month has been crazy!
First, Hybrid Roots emails me about 800 buttons, they were referred by Jamie Sol Black. Then, ACO needs 200 buttons. My friend Bree's boyfriend calls while I'm in Boston and orders 400 buttons. Next I get a call from an existing client for 1,000 buttons! And another existing client, from way back when I got started, writes and orders 100. My big brother James orders 200. That doesn't include the pending projects from people who haven't sent the artwork yet... Like Pop Levi, who wants to place an order before they go on tour. Also, two days ago, Hybrid Roots calls to add 200 more to their order, making it an even 1,000.

So today I finished the 1,000 for Hybrid Roots and almost completed the 100 for Wicked Crafts, but ran out of paper. I'm like 6 buttons short on the order.... lame.

Oh and I'm super excited that Dexter is coming to CBS..... other than it wont be as good with all the censoring.

Today for lunch/dinner I made Mac Daddy & Cheeze. YUMMM..... So delicious. I'll post a picture later. And I've lost interest in other certain websites.... I'm sure my lack of participation on these sites is obvious enough.

Friday is the funeral. My grandfather is being buried in a Catholic Cemetery. He's Mormon. So it's a little strange to all of us... even me, who could give a crap about organized religion.

It's 9:30pm and I'm ready for bed. I start school tomorrow. For some reason my water color class wont add because it says I haven't met the pre-requisits. Which I did the very first semester I started at LACC. And I wanted to take a film class..... and they were alllll boring.

Alright, I'm off to bed.


Friday, February 1, 2008

Famous People in my family tree

Lucretia Rudolph Garfield (1832-1918)
First Lady
Lucretia Rudolph Garfield, wife of President James A. Garfield, wasn't interested in the social duties of the First Lady, but her genuine hospitality made her gatherings very enjoyable.
Relationship: 6th Cousin 4 times removed

Lucy Ware Webb Hayes (1831-1889)
First Lady
Lucy Ware Webb Hayes convinced her husband, Rutherford B. Hayes, to fight in the Union army and to oppose slavery. He later became an influential part of the abolitionist cause.
Relationship: 6th Cousin 5 times removed

Caesar Rodney (1728-1784)
Delaware Representative
Active in political beginnings of the United States of America, Caesar Rodney signed the Declaration of Independence as a representative of Delaware. He was also a member of the Continental Congress and President of Delaware during the Revolutionary War.
Relationship: 6th Cousin 9 times removed


Kevin Stench 1989
Ian McPeters 2004
Jordan 2004
Chucky 2007
Theron Dean Allan 2008