Friday, January 30, 2009


I'm having an awesome yard sale this Saturday, that's tomorrow, at 8am.

Since I'm moving, I'll be selling things I normally wouldn't be selling.

At this sale, there will be 3 aquariums, with supplies, artwork, picture frames, jewelry (this includes the items I make and sell on etsy), clothing, books, my Jeep Cherokee, etc.

So come out and buy my stuff.

Oh and this is a joint yard sale with a friend of mine, so she'll have awesome things for sale as well! Come check it out!

306 N. Lomita St.
Burbank, CA 91506

Monday, January 26, 2009

I did! I got a Treasury!

Yay for me! I got a treasury. It took both of my computers being on to get one, but I did.

Bbbbbbird Treasury

Featuring team members from CFE Team, Team Efa, EtsyVeg Team, and VeganEtsy Team.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Herbal Stuffs

So my friend, Laura and I are making these great herbal remedies now.
We just got our tincture bottles yesterday! Yay!

Well, here's the thing, we need someone to test out the cold sore liniment. The problem is, neither one of us has ever had a cold sore. So if you'd like to be a tester, we have free samples, we only ask that you pay for shipping and you HAVE TO give us feedback on how long it takes to clear up the cold sore. So keep a little diary of the usage. Like how often you applied it, if anything happened, or what not.

Email us at with your name and address.

Thank you friends and if you'd like to see more handmade herbal remedies by Laura & Jenny, visit us at

Friday, January 23, 2009

Would have been my treasury tonight....

Here is the treasury I was going to post:

Death Threat to Internet:

Dear Internet,

I hate you. For the past week you go down for a few important seconds every few minutes. It's annoying. I don't like it. Please stop. Today, you've been real good about it. But when I needed you most. You let me down. I had a treasury. I was filling out the title. And what did you go and do? You crashed. You crashed and burned. It really hurt my feelings. Why would you go and do such a thing? I mean, I treat you well. Real well. I thought we were friends. But we're not. I'm breaking up with you. This is it. We're through. It's strictly work related now. No personal talk.

Not sincerely,

Dear People,
Could you please tell the internet that it wont get me down anymore because someone put one of my new rings, that I posted today, in their treasury. Which makes me very happy. It almost makes up for the internet going down. But it still doesn't excuse her... no his... (a girl wouldn't let me down like this) behavior.

Here is the treasury:
special glows treasury
Thank you xenotees!

Bread Making

Last night I made fresh bread. I used the recipe I talked about in previous posts. My friends have been making it so I've had it at there house several times. Enough times to know that mine tastes different than there's. What's up with that?

There are several things I'm doing differently. Firstly, I don't have a pizza stone. So I'm using a pizza pan. Secondly, I don't have cornmeal. So I'm using flour. And thirdly, the dough is not as wet as their's turns out. I did it exactly like the recipe.

Oh! And! It's rising like crazy! I think maybe I mixed it too much. Here are the step by step pictures. Other than me mixing the dough of course, because I had it all over my hands. I can't hold my camera like that!









So the last two pictures are from the first loaf I did. It rose like crazy also, but it doesn't show it in the pictures for some reason.

Incase you vegans didn't know....

Splenda is not vegan. Read more HERE.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

ring.... ring.... ring...... "hello?" "anyone there?"

B-B-B-Bird, Bird, Bird, Bird is the word!

Some of my favorite bird items. Featuring members of Team EFA, CFE Team, and VeganEtsy Team. Maybe one is not. But it was the inspiration for this.
If I sent you a link to this and you are confused and don't have an item listed, it's because I screwed up. I'm sorry. I suck. I was using a list of my favorites. And when I started adding new favorites to make a fake treasury of what I was going to put up tonight, it over wrote the one that was here because I'm new and don't understand stuff.
I'm sorry. Please still like me. :) I still like you. :)

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Fresh Baked Bread from Mother Earth Magazine

While "living" at my friends Laura and Josh's house, I've been eating their fresh baked bread. It takes no time at all to make.

Using a recipe that was published in the Dec/Jan '09 issue of Mother Earth News, it's a sinch to eat fresh bread every day. So go out and buy that issue. Because it's a shame to live without it.

Artisan Bread in 5 minutes a day!

So..... you learn something new everyday. It's true. I've known about tracking your websites to see who's lurking and such. But has spelled it all out for me. The blog has a step by step video of how to install the google web analytics on your etsy page, which I would have never figured out on my own. And without the video, I'm sure it would have taken me longer than 7 minutes to figure it out.
On top of all the awesomeness that is, Timothy Adam is holding a contest on his blog for a chance to win ad space on his blog. Awesome!
So you to his blogs, especially if you have an etsy page, because it may just get you lots of sales!!


Hiking Adventures

I, Jenny Stench, went hiking today. I went hiking yesterday. AND I went hiking last Sunday. I love hiking. It's a new thing for me. Being all... what's the word... active! Well, I guess, not really.

I've gotta figure out the name of the trail we did today and yesterday. I can't seem to remember. So much fun! Yesterday's trail sucked ass though. What a rip off. Not that we paid any money to take this trail, but seriously a waste of time. It was a lot of shitty scenery and paved road along with man made dam's and way too many fucking people. Ok, granted, the waterfall at the end was gorgeous. But come on... couldn't they have left it alone on the way and made the whole thing more natural?? And what's up with all the frickin' houses?!? Tons of them on this trail. A few here and there is sweet. I'd live in one. But there was whole damn community up there!
UPDATE: I figured out which trail this was. It was the trail to Sturtevant Falls, although, I googled it and the description seems dead on, I could be wrong. I did not bring my camera so I don't have pictures of the beautiful waterfall. But, the link shows pictures of it.

So enough with the negativity, just wanted to warn all of you of this trail I can't remember the name of. Anyway, today's trail was beautiful. It was all up hill and on the way there were tons of patches of snow. Laura and I saw large paw prints in the snow. I mean large. No dog did that. And the view was breath taking. We could see the ocean. We were in the mountains behind La Canada. This trail was, I believe, off Mt Wilson/Red Box Rd.

Here are some photos from today's hike:

DSC_1145 copy
Originally uploaded by punkrockpurses

DSC_1110 copy
Originally uploaded by punkrockpurses

DSC_1106 copy
Originally uploaded by punkrockpurses

DSC_1033 copy
Originally uploaded by punkrockpurses

DSC_1018 copy
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DSC_1028 copy
Originally uploaded by punkrockpurses

DSC_1145 copy
Originally uploaded by punkrockpurses

Last Sunday, the day after my birthday party, we went for a hike up to Millard Falls. This was a really easy hike, but by far the most beautiful so far. There was a waterfall at the end of this one as well. So we say by it and ate our lunch and basked in it's beauty. Thank you nature.

Here are some photos from this hike:

Originally uploaded by punkrockpurses

Originally uploaded by punkrockpurses

Originally uploaded by punkrockpurses

Originally uploaded by punkrockpurses

Originally uploaded by punkrockpurses

Originally uploaded by punkrockpurses

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Vegan Etsy Treasury #84

Another team treasury I was in. Yay!

Friday, January 16, 2009

"But I'm not going to sleep with you..."

Okay, so another funny thing happened at my party. There was this guy that showed up with the second band to play. He walked up to me and my friends, smoothly, and introduced himself. He already seemed a little drunk. An hour later, he introduced himself again to me. This time a little more drunk. After a conversation with a friend about how this is the guy that sits in the corner ready to pounce on any girl that looks at him. While I was walking in back into the house, I walked right by him and decided to give him a taste of his own medicine. It didn't work. He gave me a dirty look and walked away. I thought it was pretty funny though.

So as the evening progresses, this guy gets worse. He's making out with two girls all night. AND he thinks he's driving home at this point. No way. I'm not going to be responsible for that. So I made him stay. Which in turn I'm pretty sure gave him a bad idea of what was going to happen. So he slyly puts his arm around me and says something, I can't remember. But it made me say, "I'm not going to sleep with you though." He was totally taking aback from this statement. I think it was probably the first time anyone has said this to him.

Then, his band mate had been standing there for this moment and was also totally weirded out that I said that. I don't get why that's a weird thing to say. I didn't want him to think that by me saying he should stay was me telling him he should "stay". Get it?

So, my point is, what's wrong with being straight-forward?


So the party was nice. Some good friends showed up. And oddly enough, a lot of people that said they'd be there were no shows. Such a bummer. Don't get me wrong, I'm grateful for the people that did come, but since I'm moving, I'm surprised that more of my friends weren't there. A lot of strangers were here this year also. And the cops came. Which totally bummed me out.

To top it all off some girl took charge and waited for the cops to leave to come back in to the party, alert us all that the band was going to play now and for all of us to be quiet... WTF? Seriously? I stood there totally confused and watched her walk away. After regaining my thoughts I walked over and grabbed her arm, I'm not sure why, but I felt it the best way to get her attention. As time goes by I want to punch her in the face more and more.

So while telling her no, I get pulled aside and somehow with his bullshit talk, convinces me to let them play. And now, once again, as time goes by, I get more and more annoyed at the fact that he made that party about his band playing, when it was not. I'm so disappointed that I gave in to that. No one was going to care if they played or not. Seriously. And the ones that did care, I didn't even know! So who gives a fuck if they left. Okay, that's a little harsh. I like his band, I've liked their old band. But why do people have to be such dicks!?

On a good note, sort of, I made vegan mac and cheeze that was gobbled right up. On a bad note, I made vegan mac & cheeze that was gobbled right up. I had one small serving. Also, I had made vegan chocolate chip cookies that some assholes that it would a good idea to put dog biscuits in to trick my drunk friends. They wasted half the fucking container of dog treats. Who were these people? It makes me glad I'm leaving.

Anyway, the last few days I've been staying at my friends house, a few days is an understatement. I've been here since Dec. 17th. A few days I've left, but for the most part I've been here playing with my friends. If you were at the party early, you saw them there. It was the guy and the girl with the 5 year old son.

Okay, I'm done ranting. So here are some photos:

Originally uploaded by punkrockpurses

Originally uploaded by punkrockpurses

Originally uploaded by punkrockpurses

Originally uploaded by punkrockpurses

Originally uploaded by punkrockpurses

Saturday, January 10, 2009

38 min

Party "starts" in 38 minutes. We'll see who actually shows at 8. I got one call from my friends getting the address and directions, they'll be here at 8 for sure because they have a small child. Then I get a call from my Hubby asking what time it starts and then said he and Gavin will be there at 10... arriving fashionably late. Of course.

Alright, I'm freezing, so I need to go inside now.

I have a video camera, so I'll be taking video of the festivities for those that can't make it. Hopefully people will take lots of pictures.

Party Time

Party Time tonight!! So stoked. My mom made Vegan Potato Salad today. So frickin' good. I made vegan chocolate chip cookies and Vegan Chex Mix last night.
I'll be taking tons of pictures seeing as I may not see a lot of these people before I leave for Boston in Feb.

I'll post some photos tomorrow and then post the rest on my Flickr page.

Monday, January 5, 2009


So I was just showing my friends and business partner the pictures I took of their lovely dog, Rascal and I told them to search for Jenny Stench. And up came a screen shot photo of etsy front pagers. Because one of my necklaces was on the front page!!! How exciting!