Friday, March 27, 2009


Ok so it's been awhile since my last post about being overwhelmed. You all probably thought I had lost my mind or something. Well, here I am. I survived the move. I'm living in Quincy now. It's been pretty cold here with the exception of 2 or 3 days that were nice. Nice being about 50 degrees.

So here's what's been going on. I've been pretty busy here with buttons lately.
Just in the last two weeks I've gotten a lot of orders. Here's what I've had to do:
Joe's Garage - 1,000
Pussy Cow - 200
Roots and Razors - 100
Johnny - 200
Fix My Head - 100 (rush order)
Naw Dude - 400
Wicked Crafts - 100
And another order for 1,000 from Joe's Garage

and I think that's it. The first order for Joe's Garage was a rush order and it turned out they sent the wrong artwork and had to order another 1,000. Awesome for me. Not for them.

On the home front, we've been baking a lot here. I made some bread, and Jeremy made some Irish Bread that is to die for. I baked some new cookies, adding a chunck of orange chocolate to the center so it's creamy and delicious inside. Provocative.

There's a rad show coming up that my friend Ben Bornstein has put together, called Boston Rules, Ok? It's two days of incredible bands. I, unfortunately will be back in LA for a wedding. And hopefully make some money for rent. I'll be bringing my tooth bling kit if any of you would like to get your bling on. It's $40.
I will have someone at the show selling buttons for me though. And there will be beer magnets as well. Stop by and pick up a flyer and order some custom 1" buttons from me.

And from LA I'm heading to Portland, OR and Vancouver, WA to visit my Gramps. He's pretty sick and not making much sense anymore apparently. :(

I think that's it. I can't think of anything else to report on just yet.