Wednesday, December 31, 2008


I totally forgot to post about what I got for x-mas!!!

Okay, so I exchanged presents with my friend really early this year because we wouldn't be together for the holidays. So when I went out to Boston I gave him his gifts and he gave me mine. He did a pretty good job, I might say.

The first present I opened was pajamas. Red, Robots, Footsie pajamas. Yes, you read that right. You know the kind. The kind kids wear! So frickin' awesome!!! I also got all three seasons of Arrested Development! Love that show!! After that was a bag of goodies! Vegan items from the store LUSH. Patchouli perfume, patchouli body scrub, Vanilla Frosting cup cake lip balm, and some lotion.
We had a limit of $40 to spend on each other. He went over. Obviously. Jerk.
All my gifts to him were hand made, except for one. I got him the Jaws DVD, which he's watched too many times to count now, since Thanksgiving. I also made him a picture frame with pictures of Woody Guthrie around it, and he's got insomnia so I made him some medicine balls for it. It has feverfew, valerian root and some other herbs. They're pretty similar to the Headache Handys.

Oh! And he made me a red velvet cake in case he wouldn't see me on my birthday. It melted. How you melt a cake is puzzling to me... but he managed to do it. Guy needs to listen to someone who actually bakes quite a bit.

So on X-Mas day I went over to Whitney's parent's house. I do this every year. Desiree, her mom made lots of vegan options for me. Twice baked potatoes with vegan cheese, meatless meatballs, stuffing, and then of course the usual, collard greens and green beans. I was so full afterwards I couldn't stand it.
Our X-Mas was on a diet this year, so we kept it simple with the gifts. I got Whitney a DVD, Sideways. I know, weird. But she asked for it. And she got me a little take-out box filled with goodies. Tiny bottles of Balsamic Vinegrette, Oil, a candle, a tiny chocolate, soap, and something else. I can't remember right now. Anyway, cute gift. Her theme was "keep the party going."

I got my mom the Wicked Soundtrack and a Wizard of Oz figurine of the Tin Man. And I got Desiree a book about the Wizard of Oz.

Ok, now I must go take a shower. I'll post pictures later.

New Items for the New Year

I just posted some new items on the Laura & Jenny Etsy page. So here they are.

happing shopping. I don't know about you, but I hate taking pills for headaches or medicines for colds. So here's your alternative, vegans. Obviously not all vegans are into herbal remedies, but if you are, then these are perfect for you.

The Headache Handy's are made with Valerian Root, Chamomile, Basil, Cocoa Powder, Molasses, Peanut Butter and coated in a hard chocolate shell. Yum! So dee-lish. These ones are for adults only because of the Valerian Root. We also have ones with out it! Those are for children and sensative adults.

The marshmallow lozenges are for kids and adults! Like little bits of hard candy, these are great tasting and great for you! When you put them in your mouth you think, "yum! chocolate cough drops!" but then you realize that there's more flavor inside. The cocoa powder is just the coating to keep them from sticking together in the little box.

And speaking of boxes. All boxes should be re-used. They say they're for decorative purposes only, but since we line them with all natural, recyclable wax paper, they're okay. So if you can't think of what to use them for, here are some ideas:
For Kids: treasure box, micro machines, dress-up jewelry, little ninjas, homies or other small action figures. You could turn it in to a chair for Barbie, etc.
For Adults: If you're like me, you have a lot of chap stick all over the house, collect them all together and keep them in the box next to the door, now you'll never leave the house with out one! You could put a baby food jar in it and fill it with water and use it as a decorative vase. Put your jewelry in it. Keep your bobbins in it, so they don't roll all over the place in your sewing box. Etc.

Now lets talk about the jars if you buy salves or tinctures. We are offering you $2 off your next purchase if you send them back to us. Yes, that's right. If you've got no purpose for them after the stuff is all gone, we'll take them back if you want. Or you can try your hand at making your own remedies at home and re-use them. Either way, it's a great way to recycle.

Also, speaking of tinctures, we had two listed and they were bought up 3 days after listing them. I listed them at $6 each. Well, that was stupid. Laura had actually made these, and I didn't know what it took to make them. After reading about how to make them on my drive to a certain amusement park, I realized I should up the price. Well, by the time I could get to a computer and do that, they were gone. So when Laura gets back we'll have to discuss how much to charge.

We have Cold Sore Liniment, made from pomegranate rind and water, that is not listed yet. I'm trying to figure out how much to put in each bottle and where to get these said bottles. Also, I'd like to find someone to test this out on. I don't get cold sores and I can't think of who does. And it's a pretty weird question to ask someone, "Hey, do you get cold sores?" I don't know, just doesn't roll of the tongue well. Even though they're pretty common. So if you get them and you're local, let me know.

Ok, I think that's it for now. I need to go to the post office today. I hope it's open.... stupid new years eve. In case you didn't know. I hate new years. So I'll be spending it with Whitney and Moya sitting around watching movies.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008


So in case you all don't know, I'm moving to Boston. The tentative date is February 22nd. So see ya guys later!

Cat Beds...

Reading a review of an adorable cat bed, made me think of my cats. They're ridiculous. Falcon sleeps under blankets, Mildred sleeps in high places or wriggles her way under falcon, and Kenny likes to sleep where ever someone is sitting. He's huge. And it hurts when he climbs on top of you.
Anyways, this was just a ploy to get people to go to the vegan etsy team blog and read the review on one of my fellow team mates, Angel Cat Beds.

Friday, December 26, 2008

This is exciting for me....

Okay, so, some of you know I make things. I like being crafty. Well, here is a list of links of people acknowledging my love for making things. I'm way excited to be mentioned in other people's blogs. It's crazy! Who would have though it. Not me.

My first mention was on the Resin Obsession blog:

I was then mentioned for making buttons for the Vegan Etsy Team that I'm involved with: Vegan Etsy Team

While looking back at that last link I saw this other post mentioning us being listed in someone's treasury.

Here is the actual page with the treasury.

Because I'm a member of Cruelty Free Etsy, I was interviewed for the blog.

To visit my actual store, go to

I also have another store with my friend Laura at