Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Hello again

It's been a really long time since my last post. But I'm irritated and I like telling stories and would rather do it here instead of on my facebook. At least people make the choice to read what I write here instead of having to see it on my facebook.

Anyway, let me tell you a little story. When I was 21, I moved out of my mother's and in with my friend into an apartment in Echo Park. I was still drinking. So I frequently made bad decisions. Like the time I had a friend over. And we stayed up all night. All while my 26 year old roommate was sleeping in the room next to mine. We made a lot of noise. And she had to get up at 6am for work. Well apparently in the middle of the night her room felt like it was shaking. She got up and started to walk to my door and see if I had awoken from this earthquake as well. But as she got closer, she realized I was awake. And there was no earthquake. It was me and the "friend" in my room, getting busy. She then referred to him as 6.0. Anyway, the reason for this story is that she told me all of this. And I didn't think it was weird that she was calling me out on it. I was mortified that she had heard. I apologized. And probably laughed a bunch. But she said it was ok. She was embarrassed as well and just left for work early that day and got ready there. I didn't make it a regular thing. Although, because I drank, I don't remember if that's true or not.

So, today, it's 5 years later. I'm a little older. I don't drink. I make better decisions. Sorta. Well, while sitting in my kitchen with my friend who spent the night last night, (no, nothing happened) we were eating waffles, talking, laughing not being quiet. It was obvious we were home and sitting in there, that's the point I'm getting at it. And it was 2pm. We started hearing noises. And I stopped talking. And to my surprise it was my 20 year old roommate having sex with her boyfriend. Awesome. Not really. I don't want to hear that. That's gross. Those are things I like to pretend don't happen between some people. So when my friend (who was equally embarrassed) left, I texted my roommate to tell her that we had been in the kitchen for the last hour. She said "that's nice." That was not the response I was looking for. So I said "So you don't think it's weird that we just heard you having really loud sex?" And she replied "I think it's weird that you're calling me out on it". I said "well that's fine, It's still really inappropriate and inconsiderate" And she actually told me that she didn't know we were in the kitchen and that we could have gone into another room if I had a problem with it. I don't think that's the correct response to such a situation. A simple "Oh, god! I'm sorry. I didn't know you guys were in there!" And I would have replied, "that's cool. Just check next time." And all would have been cool. No weirdness. But no, now I'm irritated. And do you know what her facebook status update is now? "Can't wait for September." Now, that's either a dig at me, because the lease is up. Or that's when she's planning on going on vacation. Which I don't think so, because who moves and goes on vacation the same month?

So my moral to the story is, don't be a dick.

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