Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Where are you from?

So... this has been an on going conversation amongst some friends and I. People that say they're from (insert major city here) when they're actually from (insert city 45-60min away).

I live in Quincy, MA. That's about 15-20 from anywhere in Boston. I say I live in Boston to people that don't know. To people that do, I live in Quincy.

Well, I hear it sooooo much more from people talking about Los Angeles. Just because it's LA county, doesn't mean you are from LA. I'm sorry. I grew up on Bronson and Franklin. I AM from LA. Maybe that makes me elitist, but I'm sorry.

Before I moved, I lived in Burbank. Burbank is directly over the hill from Hollywood. It's like 15 min away. I still said I lived in Los Angeles to those that don't know.

LA is made up of I'd say, and I couldn't find any data to make myself up, mostly people not born in LA. Actually "When it comes to cities, Los Angeles claims 41 percent of its population - or 1.5 million - come from another country. "

I don't have any more to say at the moment. Going to go back to listening to some good music.

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